Education and Leisure

Education and Leisure

School buildings are no longer merely for the containment of school children and the delivery of classroom teaching but are now an expression of the school’s philosophy through a building’s design and its facilities, creating environments that inspire and nurture students.

When working with schools we feel it is important to spend time getting to know the client’s team as well as the school’s aims and objectives in order to translate these into the new or refurbished building.

We work closely with teachers, local authorities, students and governors to understand their needs, and those of the local communities, so that we can deliver first-class facilities that meet those needs.

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DMP-LLP Education  DMP-LLP Education

DMP-LLP Education  DMP-LLP Education

A new or refurbished school or recreational building is also an opportunity to demonstrate clearly the operation of the principles of a low carbon footprint, combined with sustainability and the application of renewable technology. We are able to assist our clients through the current labyrinth of information and sustainable products.

Our forward thinking team work with clients to determine how best to use new and existing space. The best solutions do not necessarily need to be the most expensive. We work with your design team to produce unique renovations and new build solutions, whilst minimizing the short-term impact on day-to-day operations.



  DMP-LLP West Heath School


DMP help you to manage the stakeholder engagement that is crucial to the success of your project. By identifying and prioritizing key drivers, such as environmental standards or quality research facilities, they ensure everyone stays focused throughout the project and beyond.

DMP galvanizes and co-ordinates our in-house team and professional services on each project.

To find out more about how we think, read our case studies.

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