A Commercial Building Survey with a Cathedral View

DMP undertook a full building and acquisition survey of a commercial retail property in the heart of Canterbury City Centre. Time of the essence, responding to our client within 24 hours of initial enquiry and instruction the day before the recent Lock-down.

The extensive property currently occupied by Dorothy Perkins and Burtons is set over three floors. Comprising of retail accommodation, plus back of house and ancillary storage at second floor.

Some Points Identified

  • Overall, the inspection identified that the building was in a dilapidated state of condition. In particular, to the second floor where various defects requires immediate attention. We observed that there were multiple issues of internal water penetration and damp throughout; the most prolific is found in areas beneath the main roof in which we noted the issues were arising from the flat roof above.
  • We suspected that the two areas of internal water penetration were caused by inadequate or failing weathering/flashing details. In addition, the penetrations of external ductwork entering the flat roof. Plus, defective lead linings to the rainwater outlets along the principle parapet wall.
  • Additionally, it was found that the HVAC ductwork situated on the flat roof serving the building had undergone profound damage in terms of the insulation. It was clear the cause of damage was due to bird attack, as the current tenant had attempted to protect the services with bird netting and spikes.
  • During the inspection, we were provided with a Asbestos Management Survey Report of the building. The report highlighted asbestos containing materials throughout the building and the levels of risk they have. Importantly, we were able to identify further asbestos containing materials, which we recommend further investigations are required.

All recommendations of the building defects and further investigation were provided to the client within a few days. Furthermore, a detailed Photographic Schedule and Executive Summary whilst the final report is being prepared.

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